Social Enterprise


We provide our clients with a customized service offering based on specific project delivery needs. Each project benefits from a single point of contact selected from our experienced events management team. We effectively plan, coordinate and manage a wide range of projects. Our team is committed to delivering excellence and being fully accountable for the service they provide. Our Event Management Services include:

  • Full project management
  • Budget development and control
  • Venue and hotel procurement
  • Supplier sourcing and management
  • Transportation logistics
  • Event Advertising and Marketing
  • Onsite staffing, Event Support Staff and Promotional Staff
  • Pre and onsite registration management and logistics
  • Risk assessment

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The Embacadere Source Magazine (E-Source Magazine) is a project of KV Lifeline Foundation, designed to inspire, motivate and educate all its readers. This community magazine offers the community youth a very productive and positive alternative to crime and unemployment. It is one of our innovative ways to allow the youth to focus their energies, to express themselves and to demonstrate their potential.

This magazine highlights the many achievements of individuals living in Embacadere. It emphasizes the positive aspects of the community, from sports and culture to academics and is managed by the community's youth. This project also seeks to employ persons, both skilled and unskilled. This project seeks to develop various competencies in communications, advertising, marketing and media.

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