KV Lifeline Foundation generates funding from special social enterprise projects, various special programme funding, corporate sponsors and kind individual contributors. Without generous contributions from our corporate donors, individuals and special programme funding much of our work would go undone.

KV Lifeline Foundation offers Corporate Social Responsibility opportunities. These opportunities involve improving communities through inspiration, motivation and education; using training and development sessions, interactive forums to empower individuals. The Foundation promotes volunteerism and humanitarian selfless service. Improve health, education and the environment.

You can donate to one of our specific projects or contribute to the overall development of the organisation.

As a non-profit organization we seek to secure sponsorship and suitable partnerships to plan, coordinate and execute all our life enhancement projects. For sponsors dedicated to pledging monthly contributions, a Standing order of any amount can be credited to the Foundation's account.

For more information on how you can become a contributor or about our projects and programes please click links below to download information:

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