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Some of The KV Lifeline Foundation's past EVENTS picture gallery

KV Lifeline Foundation invites you to be part of the positive movement. We design, plan, and execute projects that develops the whole human being. The foundation has done a lot of inspiring and educational projects. Projects ranging from community 5ks, Health Caravans, Country Tours, Community Concerts to Capacity Building and Training engagements, The mission is clear, we seek to creatively enhance the vital esse of life in all, we inspire, motivate and educate. Take a look at some of our past events, ventures and projects.

KV Lifeline Foundation HARMONY PROJECT. This project consisted of  a 5K a Youth Fair and a Community Concert. The Harmony project, " harmonize yourself".  Bringing communities together, enriching, empowering and transforming.

KV Lifeline Foundation embarked on yet another life enhancement project for the residents of Embacadere, Lady Hailes Avenue, San Fernando and environs entitled the I.M.E. INSPIRE PROJECT. Designed to Inspire, Motivate and Educate, while equipping individuals with the necessary basic tools and information for moving forward in business, employment and further education. This project was supported by the Ministry of National Security's Citizens Security Programme (CSP), KSV Graphics & Business Solutions, Silver Cord Technologies Limited, Script J printers and the management team of KV lifeline Foundation. Persons who completed the programme successfully, were assisted in the setting up of their own business, individuals were also offered internship with industry leaders. 

The HEALTHY LIFESTYLE  HEALTH CARAVAN AND AEROBICS BURN OUT. Recognizing that Trinidad and Tobago is ranked among the top ten (10) countries with the highest obesity rates, hypertension, diabetes among young people and other lifestyle diseases, we saw the need to promote healthy lifestyles with our Health Caravan and Aerobics Burn out competition. Healthy families make happy communities thus achieving social cohesion and community attachment.

KV Lifeline Foundation was indeed happy to be contacted by the Samaroo Community Action Council to assist in the development of their very own community magazine. This was done by planning and coordinating two (2) 'developing your community magazine' workshops. We delivered two sessions which led to the formation of a magazine management committed and the very first community magazine draft to be developed on.

Starting a Community Magazine Workshop: Enhancing a community's Outlook;

1)  Module A (Creating the Magazine), 

2)  Module B (Social Enterprise),  

3)  Module C (Sustainable Growth).




In order to serve and serve effectively, we saw the need to meet with our clients, our valued stakeholders and find out exactly what is needed. To identify community issues in a selected community, detailed information about the needs of individuals and the organizations that serve them, as well as the resources that the community has available to address those needs. A needs assessment survey and community interaction was the plan. We had a pre-set list of questions to be answered, and we did this by personal interview. For this survey project we had some very special international guests with us courtesy the ROSE FOUNDATION. Ending off the day with a friendly football match and a community dance along.   

A Children's Christmas Treat to remember. KV Lifeline Foundation was privileged to plan and coordinate along with the community of Embacadere, Lady Hailes Avenue and the Citizen's Security Programme. This project saw many children and adults enjoying a time of entertainment, encouragement and all out fun. The smiles on the childrens faces echo the sentiments 'tis the season to be jolly'. May we continue to always respect, guide and protect them.  




The Foundation was please to present the KV Lifeline Foundation 'KNOW YOUR COUNTRY TOUR' and Essay competition. Young persons from the community of Embacadere and Environs got the opportunity to take part in a tour of our Naval facilities and then write an essay on three different topics pertaining to their visit. It was part of the IME series, the Inspiration, Motivation and Education project.  

KV Lifeline Foundation sharing some moments, with projects ranging from School Treats, Community Positive Signage projects, to our very special dinner. Just sharing the memories...

There are many ways you can help to bring hope, strength and joy to various individuals in various communities who really need it. No matter how you choose to get involved, when you're a part of the KV Lifeline Foundation network, the support of generous people like you empowers us to enhance life.

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