Some of our Objectives


  • To design and implement curricula, projects and programmes based on universal laws and faith traditions to stimulate thought, introspection and discernment;
  • To design and implement healthy family functioning for residents of at risk communities to effectively cope with cultural, environmental, psychosocial, and socioeconomic stresses throughout the family life cycle;
  • To promote and to provide opportunities for the development of the human capital of at risk communities and general communities by providing scholarships, and other educational and vocational opportunities;
  • To promote and facilitate the development of family coping mechanisms and determinants of self-reliant communal coping behaviour;
  • To design, collaborate and implement strategies and educational programmes for the preservation of bio-diversity and life in all its forms;
  • To engage in and promote strategies aimed at poverty reduction, equity participation, wealth creation, shared prosperity and sustainable livelihoods;
  • To advocate for the promotion of Economic Wellness, Environmental Wellness, Physical Wellness, Mental Wellness, Workplace Wellness, Social Wellness and Political Wellness to achieve Gross National Happiness as a socioeconomic development metric;
  • To engage in strategies, design activities, and collaborations to implement capacity development projects and programmes for the residents of Embacadere and environs, the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, regionally and internationally;
  • To create community triggers to deal with persistent antisocial behaviour using community safety partnerships, cooperating with police, to address drug or alcohol misuse and re-offending;
  • To engage in strategies and advocacy to safe guard the legitimate micro-economy of various at risk communities.